Monday, April 20, 2009

crawling machine

Sofie has gone through so many milestones in my mind both big and small, it's getting harder and harder as I see my little girl grow up. She's crawling now and pulling herself up when she's in her crib and when is crawling around the living room and comes up to the sofa. I'm in total amazment that little human is here with us, just thinking about it that last year I was pregnant and wondering what she looked like, what she'd be like....i get to experience it now. I know the following is what EVERY mother says about their child but i think she's very smart. She LOVES to imitate and does it so very well. She's constantly learning new things EVERY day sometimes we can't keep up with it. One day she may not know how to clap and just moves her hands and the next day she's clapping. lately she's been making raspberries and yelling whenever she gets excited...yes we call it her pterdactyl call. Everyday she's looking more like a little person then a baby. I'm at a cross roads right now; excited about what she will become yet still fighting the ache of my heart having to allow her independence so she can grow. she makes me and her father laugh so much everyday it's hard to believe what life was with out her. i tell Luke we were probably very boring until she came along. LOL. Funny how Luke and I thought we were in trouble when she learned to roll over but now she can sit AND crawl...O i think trouble is not even the half of it.