Monday, June 22, 2009

first of many father's days

 Happy Belated father' day! Just wanted to post a pic of the reason why it's Luke's first father's day. Hope everyone had a great one. 
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

counting the days...

I am counting the days...literally on my calender...until I can stay home w/Miss Sofia. She's grown so fast, sometimes I feel as if I blinked and one day she was a immobile newborn and now she's a VERY mobile infant. Her birthday is just around the corner and I thank God I will be home with her by then. I know there is so much I've missed these months she has been in daycare but I know there's still so much more ahead to learn with her. I had mixed feelings about taking a hiatus from my career but having her has shifted my priorities...and my priority is now her. She is such a happy baby and we hope that it's because we have shown her safety and love. She loves to explore and crawl away from us constantly looks back to make sure we are close by. I can't wait to discover new things with her, to teach new things and have our mother/daughter relationship grow.