Thursday, July 30, 2009

3 down ... 2 to go....

So as of today, I have 2 more days of work. I know I am very blessed that I will be able to stay home with this little ball of energy whom we affectionately call "terror-dactyl" I realize not many working mothers are able to stay at home and I try not take this opportunity lightly. We went back and forth for months on whether it was going to be worth it staying home or just finding a different daycare center, one that incorporated the spanish language; but it was either too expensive or too long of a wait. It's very important for us that she learn to speak Spanish and learn about her culture, it will be easier with me being home to teach her all of that. A part of me feels guilty for putting my career on hold for a few years but with all the suffering, longing and spending we did to have her, we know it's the right decision. Everyday she learns something new and I'm just amazed and a little sad that I was not the one to teach her to clap and to wave for example. But....I did teach her to say "teta" which in spanish means bottle. So it's bittersweet, I'm putting a part of my life on hold in order to become a stay at home mom, with a child that over a year ago I thought we'd never have.
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