Thursday, December 27, 2007

belated belated Feliz navidad......

Well this year we decided to be at home for Christmas and cook brisket and invite some friends over. It turned out nicer than I thought....we had a great time. I so was not looking forward to going to visit my in laws the next day only cause SIL was gonna be there....but hey gotta take one for the team I suppose. Oh by the way SIL is farther along than we all thought....she thought she was 8wks but she's 13 weeks! How the heck do you not pay attention if you missed a period especially when you are trying to get pregnant is beyond me....I guess being infertile makes me much more sensitive to knowing how your body works cycle-wise. Anywho.....we got there and it was OK.....she does NOT look preggers at all so that actually helped in that she was not doing any belly rubbing. She was being civil as well and nice............I actually started to like her again. I used to like hanging out with her but that comment ruined our friendship...apparently she's gotten very mean with EVERYONE and bitchy like no one's business. She snapped both at DH and her husband for little things...i could tell her husband was getting fed up with her attitude. Luckily I was not a victim of her bitchiness.....oh I was prepared believe me I was! Anyways not much happened we had a good time even played the game of Life. We came back near 9pm and I had to get ready for bed since I had work the next day......blah! I'm still very much sad these days but with the holidays out of the way I'm hoping I start to see a little of my old self. today is CD 24 and as far as symptoms go: sore breasts, cramping and sore lower back as well. Yes yes I know all signs of AF about to make her unpleasant visit...but these symptoms are far more strong than usual, part of me hopes that maybe just maybe I can be pregnant naturally.....but hey that's only hope. If I am not, we are still planning on going through with IVF #2 in March or April. Gosh I hope it's a success this time, nothing would be sweeter than to be pregnant on my birthday in that would rock!

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Meghan said...

Glad your SIL was bearable!

Hope all those symptoms are a good sign ;)