Friday, December 14, 2007

Blog you very much!

sorry this is such a late post but I have not been in the best of moods these holidays....but I wanted to do this post from an idea JJ @ reproductive jeans had. Basically it's to explain who inspired you to write a blog about your struggles with infertility and such.
Mine was Larissa over at waiting womb, I had the honor of first meeting her in our local central texas RESOLVE group. Her story inspired me not only to keep going and not loose faith in this battle with infertility but also to see that hey yea it sucks but it WILL HAPPEN. She's now blessed to be awaiting the birth of her beautiful baby girl Elodie. I've not been through all she's been through mainly cause our diagnosis is not the same but I feel and understand her struggle and frustration with the whole thing. I hope that when March/April comes around in 2008 that we will be blessed too. But for now just wanted to tell Larissa "blog you very much!"

I'll make sure I post some more in a couple of days...have some stuff other than SIL drama and infertility that I'd like to share....maybe even some photos of my furry babies! till then, stay warm & dry if ya'll live in Texas!

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