Sunday, April 13, 2008

growing pains......

Sometime about 3 weeks ago I started noticing cramps and soreness. I was alarmed at first because this being the farthest I've ever been pregnant I thought "oh no miscarriage". This however my dear readers is actually round ligament pain. I'm not sure why the say in all the books I've read "you will experience slight discomfort in your abdominal area due to the ligaments stretching" ..... yea right more like cramps you get right before you period! Taking Tylenol.......doesn't help, but resting does. Now that would be find and dandy but Mon-Fri between the hours of 8-5 I have to work. So I'm wondering, what in the world can I do? Any suggestions anyone? I've tried stretching and that helps but not for long. I know this whole stretching is necessary for the baby to grow but my gosh I feel helpless in managing the pain! Oh and if that were not enough, it seems congestion has taken permanent residency in my nasal cavities. So I'm forever either blowing my nose or sneezing. I've had to resort to carrying a bigger purse since I have to carry a box of kleenex! Yes I've tried the OT allergy meds that are safe for pregnancy but they only work for 1 1/2 hrs then I'm back to square one. But I keep telling myself it's only temporary and I can deal. On the bright side of things our neighbor gave us a crib that her son and daughter-in-law are no longer using and it was free! It's a convertible crib and it actually matches the dresser I was thinking of using for the nursery so that's a bonus! We're so very amazed that we've been blessed with people that are great neighbors and helping us out with a crib, we were dreading having to spend so much for a crib so now we can look forward to using that money towards decorating the nursery and such. I can't believe all of this is finally happening to us, I feel like it's a all a dream and this is happening to someone else. Truly I can say, I can finally start to remember what it was to feel happy again.

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