Friday, April 30, 2010

IF awareness week

It's infertility awareness week, and every year I am reminded of the battle I had to fight w/tears and pain to come out a winner. It's a battle that has left me with many scars and although they have closed up they will never ever heal. I still want another child but at times I am hesitant to get back into the ring w/my adversary, I'm downright frightened that this next time i may not win. I keep telling myself I have enough, just to stop there.... I have my miracle, the child I so longed for so many years, cried myself to sleep in my husband's arms for, yearned so deeply for. But that does not mean I will ever forget or be extra sensitive to other women who either walked the same journey or are walking the same journey. I wish there were more information regarding infertility, I hate how the media portrays this as NOT a disease but something that can overcome simply by adopting or some other means. And what REALLY irritates me is when these idiot women come on TV saying they got pregnant thru IVF because simply the egg was "implanted", ugh excuse if i'm wrong but it get TRANSFERRED first and it doesn't always work dumbass! I wish either better advancements would be made towards ALL medical diagnosis that cause infertility, contrary to what many uninformed people it's NOT because you get old that you can't get pregnant! Or how about if health insurance companies started paying AT LEAST 1/2 of the cost of infertility treatment? IT'S A DIEASE fuckers! You can cover fucking viagra but you won't cover infertility treatments! well I better quit this post now before I really start cursing. so if you are reading this and are not infertile, maybe you have not been diagnosed or don't know but you may know someone....the best thing you can for them is listen and empathize with's a lonely heartbreaking journey to begin with and not having anyone to support makes it unbearable.

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