Thursday, December 22, 2011

De Ja Vu.....

gosh here we are again YEARS later and I'm still feeling the pain that is infertility. My little girl is now 3 yrs old....turned 3 in September and she's am amazing beautiful person. Never could I have imagined having a daughter so bright, smart, loving, empathetic as her. She amazes me every single day and I thank God for her everysingle day. But we are it again, trying to have another baby and I'm once again trying to cross the hurdle that is infertility. This time around I feel guilty for feeling jealous that another sister in law is about to have her first child and an aquantice is pregnant. I feel guilty because I feel I should be glad I have at least one child and not feel like I need to have another. But here is the my heart I feel our family is not complete I feel that we still need one more little "fortune" to make us complete. this is a short post but I needed to let some of my stress out somehow. Now if only I can destress from work but that is A WHOLE different blog all together. geez. well I will see if i can keep up the posting because i miss it so.

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