Sunday, July 1, 2007

definetly no....

well I took a pgncy test and it was negative. that bugs me only cause I still don't know why I have not gotten my period. The thought has crossed my mind that I am stressed that my sister is coming up for visit for 2 1/2 days. OK so that is not very long but she's got 4 kids all under the age of 8!!! I know how ironic that I want kids badly yet I'm stressing about my nieces and nephew coming for visit. don't get me wrong I love them to death but they can get a bit out of hand and do wear you out like you wouldn't believe! but i guess we might as well get used to it right? you know maybe I'm like lots of those childless people who say they stress out about kids they know whether they are family, godchildren or their friend's kids yet they have a preconceived notion in the mind that when they have kids their kids will be angels; only to turn out quite the opposite. God I hope not!!!! When I do have kids, hopefully in the very near future, I want them to be well behaved and little spoiled beings. I want to be able to go to someones house and be welcomed there and not be shunned or avoided cause my kid or kids are terrible. My biggest fear is having a kid(s) that throw temper tantrums in the store; you see the embarrassment on the parent's face. I should bite my tongue here cause I could be jinxing myself. gosh if that were to happen to me I think I'd need to call Nanny 911....just joking. anyways so getting back to my original thought, yup i think I'm stressing cause of my family's visit and it doesn't help that my sister has been calling me since last Monday ( they are coming in the day after 4th of July) and makes comments like "so you ready for us!!! better start getting ready cause here we come!" yup there is some sarcasm in her voice but i know she and the kids miss us terribly, it's not like they live 30min or even an 1 hr away. nope, they live 6 hrs away. so here's to a great up coming visit, I hope we can entertain them enough.

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