Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hey there twiggy!!!

Ok so today I am still over the moon because in one mth I have lost 2 pds and 4 inches!!! I know to some it's not much but to me it's the first steps towards getting healthy to help me conceive. I called hubby yesterday and was so excited and then later on while he was at work ( works night shift) he txts me "hey there twiggy how's it going?" Listen by no means am I Nicole Richie I'm more along the lines of the size of a Hispanic queen latifah but i think it's silly but sweet that L shares in my excitement.

i can't wait till my next acupuncture appointment!!! got lots to say to my acupuncturist about my weight loss AND getting my period too!!! i sure hope my body is FINALLY getting in sync with my baby making plans.

other than that nothing much on the home front....really looking forward to my 3 day weekend!!! yipee i have friday off yea yea!!!!!

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