Sunday, September 9, 2007

and it's and it's down.....

Part of my acupuncture treatment is to take my daily BBT and so far i can't get to go up higher than 97.01 and the lowest it's been is 96.6 yup.......but today i was at 97.4....yipee! but AF still has not come!!!! wtf!!!!

so the last couple of weeks I've not blogged because I've been busy reading and commenting on other's blogs. And well also for two other reason (at least in my head) no one reads my blog so I'm in no hurry to update and I am not cycling so nothing to report. I have rather enjoyed reading other's blogs I have felt bad for those that are getting negative and are back to square one and I have felt elation for those who have gotten a BFP and are past their 1st trimester. As for myself, well I had my 4th Acupuncture and well along with taking those awful herbs I'm "back to square one" yup I'm on cycle day 37? ( i think) and AF is M.I.A. Nice huh? just when I thought "hey AF came last mth and I lost 2lbs so this TCM must really AF. and I am pretty sure I've gained those 2 lbs and they brought some buddies along w/them to stay on my hips and butt. I have to admit I gave up trying to eat healthy and this past weekend I pigged out on Chick-Fil-A. OH how I LOVE that chick-fil-a!!!!! and today I got pizza, telling myself even though in the past I've gotten heartburn I'll test the waters since I have been eating my congee dutifully each morning. I want to POAS but what for since I know what's it going to be a big fat BFN. ah!!!!!

Well enough about my boring life right now.....I got news that a lady I met at my RESOLVE support group had to have another D&C. She lost her baby the same in the timeline as the one before...they are running so they are not sure what the reason was, she was a little over 6wks. My heart goes out to her, I know how she feels when she says she's shocked and feels like she's in a fog and that it's not fair......I hear you it's NOT fair. I am trying to be supportive to her and have given her my # to call if she needs a shoulder to cry on. I hope I see her next week at the meeting.

well that's all the news from me today. I gotta get back to my 3 dogs who are all "leashed" up and ready to hop in the car so we can go to a doggie park.

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holly said...

Your support means so much. Thank you.