Friday, October 19, 2007

Grandma's Pill box

Ok so I thought the protocol for IVF included a whole pharmacy. But I've come to the realization that I'm back to the protocol again sans IVF. Huh????? Right now DH & I have decided to put off the next IVF cycle till march 2008 to focus on getting my body healthy through acupuncture (getting my cycles regular), diet and to save up for the next IVF cycle. Thing is that with acupuncture come herbs; ok I'm ok w/that. My acupuncturist clinic has a nutrionist as well and I've have to omit quite a few food items from my daily menu diet - sad I know but hey all in the name of baby right? Well I"m not sure how this has happened but I'm now in need of a pill box; actually a granny pill box as DH says. How many do I take? well here's the breakdown:
Royal jelly pills ( 2/day) ck
Prenatal pills (1/day) ck
Liver Support pills (2/ 3x per day) ck
gallbladder pills (2/3x per day) ck
chinese herbs in a drop bottle (3x/day) ck
that's a lot of pills and herbs!!!!! I"m officially a walking pharmacy. But I must admit the herbs, prenatal and royal jelly have improved my cycle BIG TIME.
I also went to get a yrly physical @ my GYNO and MD. All test came back normal w/my Gyno except....i was finally diagnosed w/PCOS. I say finally cause I had to hound her to figure out why my cycles were so long and period my MD offices also test came back normal except i've been diagnosed w/a fatty liver. what?????so ask for more info and the MD tells me since I dont' have gallbladder stones that my gallbladder is then sluggish...hence the liver and gallbladder support pills. I googled it as well and yes that was what it said in a nutshell. So now DH calls me his "old lady" not funny by the way...
all i have to say to that is that all this that I'm doing BETTER be worth it and I BETTER get positive results on my next IVF.

oh and I have lost 3 more lbs! plus in 4 mths i've lost 1% body fat! not much to others but means a whole lot to me. It makes me closer to my goal.


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JJ said...

Congrats on the weight loss!