Saturday, March 1, 2008

Great ending to a rough week

This past week really was not the best for me, it started off with me having a cold that got worse as the week progressed. Not only was I miserable I had to call into work which in turn will eat up some of my time I have been planning on using for maternity leave, but I was too sick to even get out of bed so it was a necessary evil. The highlight of my week was Thursday, my OB appt. We heard the most beautiful sound ever............our baby's heartbeat. It was amazing to hear and it really hit home for me........this may very well end in a real life baby! It was strong and loud and my Dr said it was 168 beats/min which was right on target for how far along I am, that confirmation made my whole week. I gotta say it's really starting to become more real to me that we're going to be parents and now thankfully I can mark off my two goals I have set. I'm even starting to become less pessimistic and more optimistic about this pregnancy's survival, how about that? I even ventured out and bought a rocking chair at a garage first baby purchase. I love this little one more and more each day and can't wait for my next goals to cross off my list:
Keep growing little one
Have good results on my down syndrome test for next dr's appt.

I talk to our little one and it's cute to see how one of the dogs and one of the cats like to snuggle on my tummy.......hmmm can the sense this little life? I truly don't know but they seem to insist on being there when before they were not interested at all. I tell our little one he/she has a zoo to welcome him/her when we bring him/her home in September but until now the only contact he/she will have is either the purring or snoring that the cat or dog makes.

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Charnè said...

So glad you got to hear your little ones heartbeat! that must be the most amazing sound in the whole world!

Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy :)