Sunday, February 24, 2008


My next OB appt is this coming Thursday and even though I'm trying my best..........I'm so very nervous. I had an episode about a week ago that scared me very much. I went to the bathroom and noticed some brown spotting on my underwear I called the 24 hr Nurse line and luckily got a nurse she'd asked if I'd done anything straneous and was I having any kind of cramping......uh no...but I did have to admit that DH and I had been "frisky" last night.....she said that sometimes spotting will happen because of that and it was no biggie but she'd have my nurse call me the next day.My nurse called the next day and repeated the same thing, but by then I was not spotting at all and I'd never had any cramping so I felt a bit relieved as well. So far as everything I shouldn't be worried right? I guess being that all I've gotten is bad news since my infertility it's only natural to expect bad news rather than good. I'm taking easy but everytime I got to the bathroom I'm almost expecting to see some spotting, I keep telling myself that it's going to be ok to keep me going till my next appointment. So now I'm a little more than 10 weeks just 3 more till I'm out of my 1st trimester, can't wait. Being the Type A person that I am, I've set "goals" for myself and so far I can cross out 3 of them.
1. Become Pregnant through IVF......ok that happened but not through IVF...check
2. Once pregnant, rule out early blood work and HCG levels doubled accordingly and early ultrasound, saw sac and yolk.......check
3. See a heartbeat......check

My next goals?
4. Hear or see a good heartbeat
5. that the baby be right on target as far as growth or ahead.

I hope I can cross these two goals out as well, since this would mean to me that is one step closer to reaching our dream of bring a healthy baby home sometime in Sept.

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