Thursday, January 10, 2008

CD1 and other randomness

Well finally AF decided to come, I realized I have this love/hate relationship with her. I hate when she is late and it's not cause I'm pregnant but cause of PCOS screwing up my cycle again. I love when she comes because I also know for a fact that I ovuluated and AF came on time with 30ish days. And well that for me is when PCOS has not won that month. But alas, this cycle it kicked my butt, because I did not get AF till CD 36! So this cycle PCOS won but I'm gearing up to win the next cycle and the next till I start my next IVF and the final victory will be to beat infertility......getting pg, staying pg and delivering a healthy baby. So that's how I cope with the lateness of AF. All in all it at least it wasn't CD 60 like it's been in the past huh? I can be happy about that. Oh and to answer Meghan's comment, a fellow blogger at a little sweetness, about talking to my RE about provera to jump start AF...well I was thinking about it but wanted to give AF a chance to come on her own and she did......I'm glad cause I hated it when I was on BCP to keep a regular cycle I can only imagine how I would have reacted to Provera.

Aside from waiting for AF to arrive, I've decided to be more active in my local Central Texas RESOLVE. We hold meetings every other Thurs in a local hospital and well I've decided to take over the reigns from a fellow infertile now turned new mommy and keep the RESOLVE library. I figure hey it seems like I'm now a veteran and rather then just go and sit and talk I wanted to do something productive. One of the coordinators said it was a great idea especially if it's someone whose still going to the meetings but she wants me to email and get in touch with the fellow infertile......well I don't know if I want to only cause she just had a baby & as happy as I am for will be a little sad that I'm still in "that place" so I may just have to tell the coordinator that and hopefully since she is the coordinator she'll talk to the other lady.
I've also started walking again and began carpooling with a fellow co-worker and since I told her I work out @ curves 3 times a week she's decided the days I carpool with her ( only 3 days a week) she will also join curves and work out! I've also got another co-worker to start walking during lunch, which I've been doing except during the holidays I really slacked off. And @ curves they are having this game that you pay $10 and you have 8 weeks to loose 10 or more pounds and the person who looses the most will win the pot of money! I'm like heck yea I need some motivation!Well that's pretty much it for me. I'm glad that I'm not cramping as bad as I thought I would. So there, seems like I am trying all I can to start off on the right foot for 2008. I 've got my days when I feel like crap and am very hopeless but I got days when I'm like ok..........this MAY happen.