Friday, January 4, 2008

well this sucks

I just got an email from one of the ladies that goes to RESOLVE and she's just had her 3rd loss. She's been updating all of us and when she got the news that she'll have to have an D&C again well I thought it would be better if I just called to tell her hey she's not alone in her sorrow cause I know what it means to be in those shoes to get a positive and get your hopes and BAM it's ripped from you. So I call her and ......she answers, I tell her "hey H it's me ivonne..." then it sounded like she just said something and HUNG UP. Ok yes I get it if she does not want to talk to anyone right now and it's very hard but I figured sending her an email would be too impersonal and maybe she may appreciate a phone call since we've been talking @ the meetings and we met up once and she keeps bringing up the fact that we should get together again. DH says don't take to heart but ......... typical me fashion....I am hurt. I ended up emailing her and telling her sorry for her loss and how I didn't want to email her but wanted to tell her via phone how hurt I am for her loss and sorry I bothered her. I will be ok by the end of the day but still I'm just like........ok that was really odd and I would have been perfectly fine with her saying "hey it's not a good time right now" instead of getting hung up on and H if you do read this post, I'm not doing it to offend you since it's hard enough what you are going through anyways I just thought it maybe a little less impersonal that I call you and let you know you " hey this sucks I'm so sorry for you loss, I was really really hoping for you this time." I"ve said it before in other posts that for those fellow infertile I've met that there are some that I REALLY REALLY do get happy with whenever they get BFP and I look forward to hearing from them you know? But when the BFP turns into a miscarriage I cry for them because it's not fair that they were THERE and it gets ripped from them. WHY? Now for those people that get pregnant no complications....hey I am not as overjoyed. One thing I have learned is that being infertile bands you together within a group, granted it's not one you choose to be in but it bands you together non the less with other IF'ers. So I close with this............H I don't' mean to offend you and much less didn't mean to bother you. I am truly sorry for you loss and even though you may feel angry at the world I'm sending you ((hugs)). I hope you can find the strength to not give up your dream just yet and I will continue to root for you to become the mother you so deserve.

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